ContextCapture is Reality Modeling Software. Reality modeling is the process of capturing the physical reality of an infrastructure asset, creating a representation of it, and maintaining it through continuous surveys. Bentley’s reality modeling software, ContextCapture, provides you with real-world digital context in the form of a 3D reality mesh. 
A reality mesh is a 3D model of real-world conditions that contains large amounts of triangles and image data.  Each digital component can be automatically recognized and/or geospatially referenced, providing you with an intuitive and immersive way to navigate, find, view, and query your asset information. You can use reality meshes in many engineering, maintenance, or GIS workflows to provide precise real-world digital context for design, construction, and operations decisions.
Overlapping photos from drones and ground-level imagery, supplemented by laser scans where needed, ContextCapture enables you to generate spatially-classified and engineering-ready reality meshes at any desired level of accuracy and scale, including an entire city.
Depending on your project and organizational needs, you can choose from ContextCapture, ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service, or ContextCapture Center. If you are working on an individual desktop computer and you have projects that require less than 300 gigapixels of imagery and/or 3 billion points from a laser scanner, ContextCapture or ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service are perfect solutions. If your projects are larger, and you wish to utilize multi-engine parallel processing to speed the production of your reality model, ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service or ContextCapture Center are perfect for your needs.
Products: ContextCapture, ContextCapture Center, ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service, ContextCapture Mobile, ContextCapture Viewer.
OpenBridge is Design, Modeling, and Analysis Software for Bridges. OpenBridge features advanced interoperability, allowing access to Bentley’s civil application data, as well as a seamless connection to Bentley’s bridge design and analysis applications. Project team members can take the conceptual model from OpenBridge Modeler into the design stage and move through the workflow by performing analysis and design including evaluation of construction work stages using Bentley’s LEAP applications and RM Bridge, OpenRoads Designer, ProStructures, ProjectWise, and other applications. With all these capabilities in one application, you’ll accelerate performance, produce intelligent models through intuitive capabilities for 3D parametric bridge modeling, and improve project deliverables with intelligent data management and automated drawing production that revolutionizes the bridge delivery process.
OpenBridge combines modeling, analysis, and design into one comprehensive bridge solution to meet the design and construction needs of all bridge types, enabling project delivery through construction-driven engineering and delivering all the information needed to support operational workflows. OpenBridge applications help redefine best practices for design, modeling, analysis, and construction of all types of bridges, supporting the exchange of information throughout the project delivery lifecycle to all participants of the project delivery team.
  • OpenBridge Designer is a single product that creates interoperable physical and analytical models to be utilized throughout the lifecycle of both steel and concrete bridges. The application utilizes the modeling capabilities of OpenBridge Modeler and the analysis and design features of LEAP® Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel, and RM Bridge to meet the design and construction needs of all bridge types.
  • OpenBridge Modeler is a 3D parametric modeling software for bridges. Integrate with civil design applications and leverage enhanced visualization.
Products: OpenBridge Designer, OpenBridge Modeler.
OpenRail is Civil Design Software for Rail Networks. Bentley provides comprehensive track, station, yard, and overhead line electrification design to support all stages of rail design, from concept through construction, maintenance, and operations. OpenRail continues to expand on our deep experience in rail design. We offer applications that help redefine best practices for planning, design, and construction deliverables to drive the exchange of information throughout the project delivery lifecycle and across all team participants.
  • OpenRail ConceptStation offers rail, electrification, tunnel, and bridge design capabilities, helping rail engineers and designers rapidly determine optimal conceptual designs with real-world data and cost analysis.
  • OpenRail Designer provides comprehensive and detailed modeling of rail metro, light rail, commuter rail, or high-speed rail design. 
  • OpenRail Overhead Line Designer provides comprehensive and detailed modeling of overhead line and track design. This new application brings 3D to the world of overhead line catenary systems.
Products: OpenRail ConceptStation, OpenRail Designer, OpenRail Overhead Line Designer.
OpenRoads is Civil Design Software for Road Networks. For more than three decades, Bentley has provided design and analysis products for civil engineering professionals and highway agencies around the world. Our software is used by U.S. Departments of Transportation, Canadian Ministries of Transportation, top transportation design firms, and municipal governments and transportation agencies around the world.
OpenRoads builds on our tradition and deep experience in civil and road network, and provides a comprehensive modeling environment to support design and analysis from concept through construction.
OpenRoads enables the project delivery of road networks through construction-driven engineering and delivers all the information needed to support operational workflows.  OpenRoads applications help redefine best practices for design and construction deliverables supporting the exchange of information throughout the project delivery lifecycle, to all participants of the project delivery team. 
  • OpenRoads ConceptStation is an innovative, new application to enable rapid and iterative conceptual and preliminary design, leveraging contextual information obtained through point clouds, reality meshes, GIS, and other sources.
  • OpenRoads Designer is a comprehensive and fully functioned detailed design application for surveying, drainage, subsurface utilities, and roadway design that supersedes all capabilities previously delivered through InRoads, GEOPAK, MX, and PowerCivil.
  • OpenRoads Navigator enables 3D design visualization and design review and progresses approvals and issues resolution, at the office, in the field, or at the site.
Products: OpenRoads ConceptStation, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRoads SignCAD, OpenRoads Navigator.
PLAXIS is Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis Software. Conquer any geotechnical project with confidence using PLAXIS.  Design and perform advanced finite element analysis of soil and rock deformation and stability, as well as soil structure interaction and groundwater and heat flow. You will have what it takes to handle advanced constitutive models for the simulation of the nonlinear and time-dependent behavior of soils. Apply hydrostatic and nonhydrostatic pore pressures, model structures and the interaction between the structures and the soil, and take on projects of all types such as excavations, foundations, embankments, tunnels, mines, dredging, and more.
Products: Plaxis 3D Suite, Plaxis 2D Suite, Plaxis MoDeTo, Plaxis 3D, Plaxis 3D PlaxFlow, Plaxis 3D Dynamics, Plaxis 2D, Plaxis 2D PlaxFlow, Plaxis 2D Dynamics, Plaxis 2D Thermal.
STAAD is 3D Structural Analysis and Design Software. Confidently design any type of structure and share your synchronized model data among your design team, in one integrated set of applications. Complete your steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel projects, on time and in budget, regardless of complexity. Design structures anywhere in the world with confidence using over 90 international codes, reducing your team’s need to learn multiple software applications. Increase your design productivity with streamlined workflows to reduce duplication of effort and eliminate errors.
Products: STAAD.Pro, STAAD.Pro Advanced, Structural Enterprise Worksuite, RCDC, STAAD Foundation Advanced, Microstan.
PLAXIS 2D LE and PLAXIS 3D LE are powerful applications for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and finite element analysis of groundwater seepage. Perform limit equilibrium slope analysis of soil or rock slopes using either saturated and unsaturated analysis. With PLAXIS LE you can model groundwater seepage in unsaturated or saturated soils and rock in 2D/ 3D. Leverage 2D/ 3D finite element deformation modeling for geotechnical earth structures involving elasto-plastic soft-soil behavior and consolidation as well as the elastic deformation of rock materials.
OpenSite is Civil Site Design Software. OpenSite is a new solution for the design and construction of civil site projects. OpenSite provides the most comprehensive site design workflow available including reality modeling, geotechnical, underground utilities, stormwater drainage, terrain modeling, detailed drawing production, and visualization. 
OpenSite optimizes design outcomes with multidiscipline information modeling and analysis. By combining the power of automation with a 3D integrated model design workflow, engineers deliver better designs in significantly less time. Interoperating with PLAXIS, Bentley’s newly acquired geotechnical engineering solution, site plans can be enhanced with new information about the active properties of soil including bearing capacity, stresses, and displacement.
Products: SITEOPS, OpenSite Designer.
Microstation is Modeling, Documentation, and Visualization Software. With MicroStation, you can easily view, model, document, and visualize projects of any size or complexity. Use MicroStation to deliver projects smarter. With proven MicroStation technology, you can confidently take on any design, construction, or operations project. No matter what design information you are working with or what kind of deliverables are required, you can rely on MicroStation’s flexibility and power to get the job done on time and on budget.
The MicroStation family of products provides traditional CAD capabilities and the power and versatility to precisely view, model, document, and visualize information-rich 2D and 3D designs of all types and scales, working for professionals in every discipline on infrastructure projects of every type.
Products: Microstation, MicroStation Powerdraft, Bentley View, Bentley DGN Reader for Windows, IModel ODBC Driver 1.6
CUBE is a predictive transportation modeling and simulation software for transportation planners, engineers, and city planners to visualize and test scenarios. You can compare potential benefits and uncover unexpected consequences to save time and money during the review cycles before entering the design process. Supporting any mode of transport, CUBE delivers a true multimodal approach with feedback interactions between different modes including pedestrians, bikes, cars, freight, buses, bus rapid transit, rail, air, water, and more. CUBE and its extension applications cover all aspects of transportation to help you better understand the impact before implementation. You can access interactive data input and analysis, GIS functionality, model building and documentation, and scenario development and comparison. Easily link between the model, the data, and GIS in a single click, making the development and application of your models easy to use. CUBE is a prerequisite for CUBE add-on extension applications, CUBE Land Add-on and CUBE Cargo Add-on.
Bentley’s gINT software provides you with centralized data management and reporting for a wide variety of geotechnical subsurface projects. gINT software helps you eliminate repetitive tasks, and redundant data entry in order to increase your productivity. gINT allows you to streamline processes, by offering data accessibility, interoperability, subsurface reporting and visualization for soil and rock, borelogs, lab tests, and more. The result? Time savings and better decision making.
LEGION Model Builder is a simulation and modeling software that enables you to build a precise model of a space that can be simulated and analyzed based on a set of key inputs such as design, demand, and operational data. You can use LEGION Model Builder to run and evaluate virtually any place where people converge such as railway stations, sports stadiums, airports, office complexes, theaters, piazzas, and transport hubs.
You can build models for any type of venue or building, such as sports facilities, urban and commercial buildings, and airports. Use automated routing, increased intelligence, and simplified objects to build and audit models. You can easily reuse your data when you define and share objects across projects and teams. An integrated CAD drawing feature allows you to quickly modify your designs.
Bentley LumenRT is a revolutionary real-time visualization software that brings your projects to life with cinematic quality images, videos, and real-time presentations of your infrastructure design models.
LumenRT is revolutionary real-time visualization software that enables you to bring your projects to life with cinematic quality images, videos, and real-time presentations of your infrastructure design models immersed within the context of lifelike digital nature. LumenRT easily delivers environmentally coherent models and can speed stakeholder buy-in for all your projects.
Accurately model and simulate extreme events using accurate and reliable flood risk analysis data to diminish impacts to human safety, decrease damages to infrastructure, and reduce loss to the economy. FLOOD is flood modeling software for analyzing and mitigating flood risk in urban, riverine, and coastal areas. Using spatially distributed numerical models, users can quickly simulate all hydrological and hydraulic processes to support emergency planning and green-initiative design. Apply a multi-scale 1D/2D approach to support flood early warning systems (FEWS). Urban flooding poses risks to residents, damages property and infrastructure, and disrupts urban services. Create efficient solutions that increase the resilience of urban drainage systems and implement mitigation measures, such as low-impact development and green initiatives. Mitigate these issues by producing detailed simulations to identify bottlenecks and hotspots that hinder the capacity of stormwater drainage systems.
SewerCAD is an easy-to-use sanitary sewer modeling and design software that thousands of municipalities, utilities, and engineering firms around the world trust to design, analyze, and plan wastewater collection systems. SewerCAD is an easy-to-use sanitary sewer modeling and design software that thousands of municipalities, utilities, and engineering firms around the world trust to design, analyze, and plan wastewater collection systems. With SewerCAD, you can model both pressurized force mains and gravity hydraulics with ease, using steady-state analysis with various standard peaking factors, and extended-period simulations. The stand-alone interface offers easy-to-use model layout tools, multiple background support including Bing aerial imagery, conversion utilities from CAD, GIS, and databases, and the use of terrain models to dynamically update node ground elevations, display surface contours and profiles, and design conduit inverts using real topography. SewerCAD can open OpenFlows SewerGEMS models seamlessly, including those created within ArcGIS.
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